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Big Zero Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Notes:  Biscuit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   Satisfyingly familiar unbaked cookie dough with hints of chocolate mixe..

Big Zero Thai Fruit Salad

Notes:  Dragonfruit, Grapefruit, Papaya Lemon, Lime, Pear Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   One of the tastiest flavours we have ever created, all t..

Big Zero Cherry Vanilla Cola

Notes:  Cola, Vanilla, Cherry Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   Based around a Cola drink that was around for a limited time, we took a stunning dar..

Big Zero Ambrosia

Notes: Vanilla, Custard, Cream Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   The custard to see off all others, rich and creamy ambrosia style with plenty of creamy ..

Big Zero Strawberry Apple & Kiwi

Notes:  Strawberry, Apple, Kiwi   Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PGBrand: Big Zero   The original strawberry, apple and kiwi flavour t..

Big Zero Custard Doughnut

Notes: Vanilla, Custard, Cream, Doughnut, Bakery, Frosting Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   Fresh baked doughnut, a light frosting and then a rich and c..

Big Zero Digestive Cream Biscuit

Notes:  Digestive, Biscuit, Cream, Vanilla   Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   The perfect balance of bakery and creaminess, two lay..

Big Zero Raspberry Lemonade

Notes:  Lemon, Lime, Lemonade, Raspberry, Cooling Nicotine free short fill bottles  Ratio: 70VG | 30PG   Ultra refreshing lemonade shines through as the base to which we..


By Jove

Notes: Rhubarb, Cream, Custard, Dessert, Light Cooling  By Jove is our interpretation of a classic rhubarb fool, a creamy and fruity chilled dessert dish that teases the taste buds a..

Silver Fox

Notes: Light Menthol, Tobacco, Sour Apple, Biscuit  A blend of different light to medium tobacco's, a touch of pipe in the background and carried through a light menthol refresh..


Notes: Mango, Yoghurt, Cream, Buttermilk  Just like drinking the real thing, Maharajah is the most accurate mango lassi eliquid you will find, perfect as an all day vape or trea..


Notes: Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple, Plum, Light Cooling  Our take on a classic blue raspberry Slush puppy, with a little added apple and plum  The Flavour Comino is a fantas..



Notes: Lemon, Cake, Bakery, Dessert, Sweet Pop a freshly baked lemon drizzle cake into a blender, add your mix of milk and cream and you get the ultimate milkshake - you also get Cirrus i..


Notes: coffee, latte, vanilla, cream Stratus is for coffee lovers, a medium roast coffee is sweetened by vanilla syrup and silky foamed milk. Not too bitter, not overly sweet.  ..


Notes: Lemonade, Raspberry, FizzWe got asked to make a more authentic tasting pink lemonade than what was available - Castelanus has been a huge hit ever since  The Flavour Many o..


Notes: Strawberry, Milkshake, Cream, Sweet Sweet strawberries are blended to perfection with a blend of milks and creams to deliver a deliciously sweet but not sickly strawberry milkshake..


Hero Alliance 0.5ohm

Now we are getting into the realms of high power devices we need coils that can harness this power without firing up like a H-bomb. Alongside the Juggernaut coils we also have these babies a..

Super Clapton 0.7ohm

There's a time when a clapton just needs a boost (not really but people like to try new things) so why not make a round core, clapton wrap and then wrap THAT in a flat wire too? Well, that's..

Clapton 0.8ohm

Our Claptons are created with FeCrAl (Kanthal) wire and are ready for fitment to release the flavour. One of the range with less cores and wraps, the ramp up time is kept in check and with t..

Helix Fused Clapton 0.80ohm

Our Helix Fused Claptons are created with FeCrAl (Kanthal) wire and are ready for fitment to release the flavour, they differ from flat fused by having a slight twist during the winding proc..

Colonel Boom's Wholesale - Premium Quality UK Made Eliquid

Colonel Boom's was launched by PlumeBlu in 2013 and quickly gained reputation as a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium quality eliquid. Over the years the business has changed and we have adapted to those changes, firstly by pre-empting safety and regulatory requirements such as CRC lids on all products including our glass droppers that most found difficult to achieve.

Over the last four years we have been incredibly fortunate, shipping our products to 13 countries worldwide as well as a growing UK market. With the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) coming into force as well as the UK's own version (TRPR) we took our lines through the required testing and notification to continue to supply nicotine containing eliquid, fully within the law and have a fantastic product that retailers can place on their shop shelves. All of our TPD compliant eliquids have associated ECID numbers and are free of any undesirable ingredients as required by law. They are still incredibly flavoursome though and the best range you will find for your stores.

In 2017 with the TPD coming into force, the market adapted to the bottle size restrictions and started to offer zero nicotine shortfill bottles. As Colonel Boom's and Fallstreak eliquids are fully compliant we took the decision to introduct Big Zero, a variant of the two brands with unique flavours as well as those from the compliant lines. These are also available through our distribution for wholesale to retailers.

If you are looking for a range of eliquids to put on your shelves, get in touch and see just how amazing our flavours are - always created to have super smooth, punchy flavours that are accurate to their namesakes.