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Big bottles, nicotine free and ready to use. Big Zero has been crafted from some of the most popular flavours by Colonel Boom's, Fallstreak and BLND One Shots to avoid the pre-mixed small bottle restriction enforced by the TPD and TRPR. Supplied in 50/10 shortfill chubby bottles there is room to add 10ml of additives to truly customise your vape - do it your own way, but in a BIG way.

Big Zero Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Big Zero Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Notes:  Biscuit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream 
Nicotine free short fill bottles 
Ratio: 70VG | 30PG
Satisfyingly familiar unbaked cookie dough with hints of chocolate mixed through a rich and creamy ice cream base. This has depth of flavour that could easily make it an all day vape.
The Flavour

Most of us will have tried a cookie dough ice cream, to us it was very important to nail the unbaked dough as well as balance with the ice cream. With a hint of cooling to remove the hot ice cream feeling you often find, it doesn't chill or alter the flavour noticably but brings back into balance the chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough with the smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream.


Cookie Dough Ice Cream is a surprisingly smooth and satisfying flavour to use every day. It works exceptionally well in a wide range of devices and the combinations of flavours keep you from getting bored.

Created By: BLND, available in concentrates form as CookieDoh


Nicotine Free Shortfill, 70% VG, Ready To Vape, Big Zero, Cooling, Dessert, Bakery, Bestseller, Ice Cream, Biscuit, Vanilla, Digestive, Chocolate

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